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Maintaining My Blog | Proof of Natalie

Maintaining My Blog

CatsI used this blog a ton while I was traveling, but afterwards, it’s almost like I pretend it doesn’t exist. I don’t think I want to let that happen. I don’t want to write for anyone in particular, but I would like to keep it up. There are a few reasons I can think of on why to maintain a blog even if no one will be reading it:

Writing is a Muscle

When I was in school (college and high school), I wrote all of the time. I developed a writing style that allowed me to get top grades from all of my professors. And then I graduated and my job description included little to no writing needed at all. As long as I could send a quick email to a colleague, I was fine. However, I now run my own business. My partner does most of the copywriting, but it’s frustrating to rely on him to write small pieces where conversion doesn’t really even matter. I’m hoping that by keeping up blog writing, I’ll be able to hone in on my writing skills a bit better. Maybe I’ll find a more mature voice. Maybe that will translate into a more mature speaking voice, where I don’t mumble and fumble over my words and sentences. I can’t see how keeping up with a blog would hurt that.

Looking Back on Your Own Writing can be Personally Enlightening

If you’ve ever opened an old journal, you know how interesting your own thoughts can be years later, or even hours later. I do keep up a personal journal, where I free-flow write, but that’s very different from blog writing. On the internet, there is a chance that others may read your words, and that makes the writing style dramatically different.

If you want to write a blog for yourself, why not?

Slash, who cares if I want to write my blog for myself! It’s my blog. I do what I want (said the Taurus).