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Madewell’s Alley Straight Jeans and Slim Boyjean | Proof of Natalie

Madewell’s Alley Straight Jeans and Slim Boyjean

I love Madwell. I don’t remember exactly when their catalog first showed up at my apartment, but as soon as I ordered my first jeans from them, I was instantly hooked. They have a great, effortlessly cool style that’s backed by some high-quality, great fitting products. Don’t even get me started on how amazing their jewelry is.

I’d like to take this opportunity to go over my most recent Madewell purchase and show you what these products look like on a real, live, non-model. I basically bought three things, each in two different sizes. The Alley Straight Jeans in Waterfall, the Slim Boyjean in Akiva Wash, and the d’Orsay Flat in Leather. True to my previous experiences with Madwell Jeans, I absolutely loved them. I tried both the 29 and 30 in each jeans; the 29 fit best and is shown on me below.

I purchased the Alley Straight Jeans to replace my old Madewell Rail Straight pair, and they’re fantastic. They lift the butt, don’t cut me in the waist and give me a muffin top, and they’re comfortable. I’ve already had the chance to wear them enough times and wash them, and they’re just as great to wear after a good wash, too. The length on these is perfect for me as well. They nicely gather around the heal without ever dragging behind (I’m 5’7″ if you’re wondering for sizing purposes).

I was pretty skeptical about the Slim Boyjean, but I have a new, younger, cool work friend who has been pushing my envelope this way, and I really wanted to give them a try. They’re worlds different than other jeans I’ve bought in recent years. First off, they’re real jeans, not spandex-laced jeans. They require a bit of wear to really feel like they’re yours, but I like them a lot. They’re a great addition to my current jean rotation. I need to wear a belt with them or else they ride down and get a bit weird, but belts are great for accessorizing anyway.

Unfortunately the d’Orsay Flats didn’t work out. I ordered both an 8.5 and a 9, but I have a weird pinky toe issue and they were rubbing the wrong way. Do note that they are really cute, but look much pointier in person. It really is a shame because they would have been an awesome half flat/half sandal, and I don’t actually have black shoes I like wearing right now.

Overall I’m very happy with my purchases. I also apparently really like taking photos of these jeans (I deleted about 25 pics of just pretty blue jean photos). You can see the rest of the pics I snapped below. If you have any questions about sizing or wear, please leave a comment!