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Reset Your Mood on An Overwhelming Day | Proof of Natalie

Reset Your Mood on An Overwhelming Day

Sometimes, life gets overwhelming. You get plenty of sleep, you eat well, but you can’t seem to make a good start to the day. People seem overly demanding. Basic tasks seem too difficult to achieve. Close friends who reach out are unwelcomed. Today was one of those days. But when life gives you lemons, you’re supposed to make lemonade, so here’s my plan.

Get Comfortable

If I’m not feeling right, my first check is what I’m wearing and where I am. Is a piece of my clothing too tight? Change it (unbutton if needed). If you’re cold, put on your coat or scarf. Then check your chair, desk, and immediate surroundings and see if you can make any positive adjustments.

Turn off People

If you can move to a different location where there are less people, do so. You’ll be less frazzled and they might as well if you’re just plain in a bad mood. Let them know that you’re going to spend an hour or two concentrating on this one task and if they could hold off any questions or concerns until afterwards, you would really appreciate it.

Turn on Music

I always underestimate the power of music. Put on your favorite playlist, or find a calming one on Spotify to get you in a more centered mood. Sometimes I’ll listen to a quick 10 min meditation podcast to get myself back on track. Meditation Oasis is generally my go-to.

Work on Something Meaningful

Find a 1-2 hour task that you’ve been meaning to do and that can be accomplished in that time and do it. For me, it was writing this blog post. I haven’t written a new post in ages, and I’ve been meaning to ramble a bit more on the blog.

Treat Yo Self

Maybe it’s taking a walk, or having a cup of coffee. For me, it’s having my super sweet black tea with milk. Feel free to reward yourself before, during, or after. This is called indulgence, and it’s more than okay every once in awhile.

Feeling better? I know I definitely am.