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Spring is in the Air – Camping Time | Proof of Natalie

Spring is in the Air – Camping Time

I absolutely love camping, and as soon as the weather turns enjoyable, it’s one of the first things I think about. Now, I’m not a hardcore camper. I would be open to a backpacking trip, but the opportunity hasn’t been offered to me yet in a way that seems manageable. I car camp (drive to a park with a campsite and pitch a tent), and it’s wonderful.It looks like I’ll at least get to go on one camping trip this upcoming season, but last year I went on two trips.


The first trip last year was in July, with a big group of friends in the Poconos. We stayed at a private campground, which definitely had its benefits. It also happened to be Princess weekend, which was just an added fun bonus and we got to see a ton of adorable little girls in princess outfits celebrating.


The second trip was in October, and it was freezing, but actually really nice. I had all new camping gear in 2015, but even still, I had never tested my gear to its lower temp limits. Surprising, it did super well. It was cold at night, but I was able to sleep soundly. And the benefit to cold weather camping is that I was way cleaner than I normally am after a camping weekend in the summer.


Here are some photo highlights