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10 Years as an iPhone User | Proof of Natalie

10 Years as an iPhone User

It’s hard to believe that over 10 years ago, I waited in line outside my local AT&T store to get my hands on one of the first iPhones on the day Apple released them. For me, deciding to buy the iPhone was easy. I had been lamenting about carrying around my phone, Palm Pilot, and camera. Why couldn’t they all be in one device? And then bam, hello new friend :)

Now yes, I am an Apple fan. I enjoy having my devices work more or less seamlessly with one another while looking really sexy. I don’t mind losing some freedom in how I can configure things, because it makes sense for me to have things always work than have to work to make them work the way I want. That being said, I’ve thought about switching a few times, and I just haven’t.

Why haven’t I switched? Aren’t other devices sometimes more bang for their buck? There are a lot of phones out there that have gorgeous designs, powerful cameras, and more or less all of the same apps or comparable ones to my current selection. But ultimately, I think the thing that stops me from switching is because I know, without fail, that while it make take Apple a little longer to release the same kind of features that some other phones may have, they will release them, and they will work without making me work to make them work.

Aren’t they expensive? Yes, and no. I’ve been thinking about this a bunch lately. The new iPhone X they released yesterday is $999, which is more than one of Apple’s Macbook Airs right now. But is that so crazy? We’re on our phones constantly. We demand their battery and processors to deliver almost constant content. We expect our notifications to ping us immediately or else we’re pissed. So yes, it’s a lot of money in general to spend, but for the workhorses that they are, I don’t think it’s an absurd about of money to charge or to spend, especially not with Apple’s Upgrade/financing program.

I’m probably getting the iPhone X. I have an iPhone 6s as I skipped last year’s upgrade, and I’m super excited for the X. The Face ID and animojis are exciting, not necessarily just for themselves, but for the apps that may be developed with that technology. Now if I can just be patient enough for October 27th to come so I can order one of the first ones…

Oh, and if you’re a designer, you might be interested in the new freebie my company, Medialoot, just released: Free iPhone X PSD Mockups